Congress wrecking India's institutions: Jaitley

Congress wrecking Indias institutions: Jaitley

New Delhi: BJP senior leader and Union Minister Arun Jaitley on Sunday blamed the Congress for damaging India's institutions and said this was the right time that the country should be protected from these "wreckers". "The Congress aligned with the Maoist in the recent Chhattisgarh elections. Rahul Gandhi stood shoulder to shoulder with the 'Tukde Tukde' gang at the Jawaharlal Nehru University. The Congress was in the forefront of defending the urban naxals in court. "And yet it claims to be friend of both, the idea of India and its institutions. It is about time that India and its institutions are protected from these 'institution wreckers'," he said in a Facebook blog "Institutions Under Attack" – The Latest Fabrication. This was the latest blog of Mr Jaitley after returning from the United States on Saturday where he had gone for medical treatment. On Parliament, the Minister targeted Pt Jawaharlal Nehru's great grandson for damaging Parliament as an institution more than anyone else. He said the Rajya Sabha once known for the quality of its debates has become non-functional due to Congress' attempts. "If we analyse Rahul Gandhi's two speeches on Rafale, they are based on a personal hatred for the Prime Minister emanating from envy. A failed student always hates the class topper.

Additionally, the context of the speeches points more to college-level lumpenisation in content." Taking another institution 'judiciary', Mr Jaitley said Congress has taken the help of "falsehood campaign" such as in the case of Judge Loya's death, the Rafale issue, the fake voter list scam in Madhya Pradesh and the Vyapam scandal. However, it invited only severe strictures from the court only. "We witnessed a social media campaign against the judgement in the Judge Loya case. After the recent Rafale judgement, one of the petitioners (a former career nationalist) announced that the Supreme Court had lowered its credibility by deciding the Rafale case," he added. Regarding the delay in implementing the Supreme Court collegium recommendations, he said the last five years have seen more appointments each year than done in any of the UPA years. The ill-advised press conference of four judges of the Supreme Court last year has more to do with intra-Court affairs than with the Government. He added that the impeachment motion filed by the Opposition on unsustainable grounds was only an attempt to intimidate the then Chief Justice of India (Dipak Misra) and set an example for other judges - you toe our line or we can create an embarrassing situation for you. Lawyers opposed to the Government have consistently used intimidation of judges as a court room tactic.

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